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Search for, detect and eliminate all of the spyware on your PC


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SpyHunter is a tool designed to get rid of any threat or suspicious folder that might undermine the health of your computer system. This program is capable of preventing, detecting and eliminating all types of malware.

This software's interface is very intuitive, and you will find various scanning modes for the system in the main program window. You can choose from a quick scan, specific location scans or a complete scan. Spyhunter will provide detailed information on any malicious files.

This application will help prevent spyware and badware from installing itself in your system, thanks to its advanced anti-rootkits protection. Rootkits are a type of software that uses coded and hidden files and folders in order to avoid being detected by antivirus software. When SpyHunter finds rootkits, it eliminates them when you restart your computer.

In addition, in order to completely eliminate rootkits and prevent them from reappearing on the computer, SpyHunter includes a tool that allows you to turn on the system without initiating Windows so that the rootkit disappears.

The trial version does not eliminate found threats.